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Veterans Housing Program


To provide homes to qualified Navajo Veterans.



The purpose of the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration is to identify, assess and prioritize the housing, health care, transportation and financial needs of Navajo Veterans, Surviving Spouses of Navajo Veterans, and Gold Star Mothers.

The department shall monitor, advocate and promote Navajo Nation efforts towards employment and training of Navajo Veterans; and will give first business preference to Navajo owned businesses. The Navajo Veterans Housing Program is a 4 year program that allows up to 75 homes constructed annually which is a total of up 300 newly constructed homes for the Navajo Veterans. The constructions of homes are for qualified Navajo Veterans.


Purpose of Establishment:

The historical account of our strong patriotism and serving as protector of family and country is intertwined with the legend handed down by our ancestors about the Twin Warriors, too' bah jiinii'agges (Monster Slayer and Born for Water). During World War II, before the United States entered the war, the Navajo Tribal Council enacted Resolution CJ-5-40, pledged its loyalty to aid and defend the United States Government. On June 12, 1942, by resolution the Navajo Tribal Council acknowledged Armed Forces induction of Navajo people for military services.

The Navajo Nation in general is considered a third world country in the midst of an ever-accelerating, technologically advanced western society. Upon the return of our Navajo Veterans, it is a slow progress for them to adjust to the changing world. Our Navajo Veterans are still faced with language barriers and significant cultural differences, more specifically our elderly Navajo Veterans. The manifestation resulting from these situations contribute to and magnify the already undesirable conditions of our Navajo Veterans. These include unemployment, housing and education.

Furthermore, in 1971, by Resolution CMA-25-71, the Navajo Tribal Council (NTC) established what is now The Navajo Nation Veterans Administration to address numerous issues that Navajo Veterans are facing, i.e. to include providing guidance in obtaining VA benefits which they may be eligible for such as home loans, education, employment, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, to name a few. The five Agency offices were established to ensure Navajo Veterans across the vast land of the Navajo Nation are served. DNVA currently has 10,244 Veterans registered.

On July 20, 1998, by Resolution CYJ-46-98, the NNC established the Veteran Trust Fund to further provide direct service assistance and to promote self-sustainability. On November 2, 2006, by Resolution CN-55-06, NNC amended the Navajo Nation Veteran Trust Fund by authorizing a mandatory annual appropriation of 4% of all projected revenues of the Navajo Nation.

The DNVA Agency Offices collaborates with local and surrounding communities to establish and encourage the local Chapter Veterans Organization to become more self-sustaining economically and to manage their organization’s internal concerns/issues. Each organization selects their Commander, Vice Commander and Secretary; thereafter the meetings are conducted utilizing the Robert Rules of Order. The members determine how the annual allocated funds are expended.

Annually, DNVA Agency Offices receives an enormous amount of requests from Navajo Veterans for housing assistance and other direct services. The other direct services include renovations or minor repairs.

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